Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Am I a Girlboss?" or finding inspiration anywhere


This was a book that I checked out from the public library. I am not sure how I heard about this particular book, but somehow it got on my radar. I went to see if the library had a copy, which they did. The book was checked out at the time, so I put it on hold. The book came in and this was basically the cover:

Going into this book I had not heard of Sophia Amoruso or, which is surprising given the fact that I do a lot of looking at clothing stores online (I discovered later there was probably a good reason I had not come across it in my various searches, which I will discuss below). The main reason I picked up this book was because I simply had a desire to read a book that I felt would be inspiring and also I wanted to fully embrace whatever it was that a #Girlboss was. 

The book is a big "work your butt off" inspirational message to women. Amoruso discusses how she went from having nothing to selling vintage clothing from thrift stores on eBay. The selling of clothes on eBay eventually became and launched into a major fashion competitor.  The story she shares is a lot of advice to the average woman on how to be what she says is a #Girlboss or someone that takes charge of their life. The type of person she discusses here is someone that does not wait for opportunity, but one that makes their own. The picture below sums up the overall message that the book is trying to portray to the reader.

As a book that I was hoping to draw inspiration from it was a great kick in the pants for me. For example, it is one of the reasons that I decided to finally start doing this project of this blog. I had been putting it off because of a million excuses that I kept telling myself, but this book made me recognize that I could keep saying those things or just do what I wanted with my own life. I am taking my own version of #Girlboss from this book, which I think is the point. This book serves a purpose. It is a bit scattered in its logical flow, but overall if you are going into this just for a bit of inspiration you will get a good read. If you are going into this for some connection on how to start your own successful business, there are better books out there for you and this is not that kind of book. It was, however, a good book for me to read at this particular stage of my life. I appreciated it for what it is.

My favorite quote from this particular read was probably this one because it is accurate. One should never allow others to define aspects of yourself. If they are that is when you need to remember this quote:

WHO I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO: People needing motivation or inspiration, Females, #Girlbosses, Entrepreneurs, Quick Readers, and Grammar Nazis (She goes in on spelling).

WHO I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO: People looking for a business plan or better understanding of business, hard nose realists, Conservative individuals, and those that hate grammar nazis.

You may purchase #Girlboss here:

(If you have a place you like to purchase books regularly from let me know in the comments and I will link it regularly here. Just let me know!)


Since reading this book I discovered a little bit more about Sophia Amoruso. I did discover that she has stepped down from due to issues that she has faced from a business standpoint. This does not taint my review here of her or this book because it still serves the purpose of being inspirational in nature. Sometimes people have things that happen in life after they publish and this is just one of those instances.

I would also like to state that a series based on this book will be coming to NETFLIX at some point. It is being produced by Charlize Theron. It is going to chronicle the more upstart part of the book where she was trying to make a successful business from selling stuff on eBay. I look forward to when it launches.

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