Monday, October 17, 2016

Pop Culture League: Are You Scared? or "Yes, I just peed myself a little in fear!!!"

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Collectors' Universe- - She discussed some of her real fears like spiders and grasshoppers! Wow, SCARY!!!

Green Plastic Squirt Gun- - He discusses his top five fears. Do they make YOU SHIVER? AHHHHH!!

Mr. Smith's Plastic Bubble - - He discusses some more reality based fears as well, such as bills!!! Now THOSE terrify the heck out of me!

2 Minute Toy Break - - He discusses his fear of nightmares... Guess Freddy wouldn't be someone he wants to hang out with then?

The Toy Box - - He kept it with the toy theme by discussing the doll that came from this, but he ultimately discusses his fear of "Michael Jackson's THRILLER"! This fear makes sense to me since we all know that there is something evil lurking in the dark.

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Chris Zabriskie's and the song title is "Readers! Do You Read?"

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  1. Yeah Trump being possibly our president is definitely scary!

  2. how can he reach the button with those tiny, tiny hands??

    very good video and excellent points

    1. Thanks for the compliments! He would just hire someone to press it for him and then not pay them;)

  3. I almost included a fear or real life human predators causing harm to my family. It's the one reason I want to arm myself, but my wife hates guns.

    It really blows my mind that it's down to Hillary or Trump, pure corrupt politician vs bombastic crony capitalist, how does one chose between the 2? Not thrilled about either candidate. I'm am actually leaning towards McMullen who is actually at a 3 way tie with Trump and Hillary in Utah and could the state.

    1. Guns can be good and they can be bad. It is what you do with them. Without getting too political (I feel like I say this a lot lately) there needs to be stricter laws surrounding them, but they should not just be taken away.

      I will take the pure corrupt politician over the wild card any day of the week, since at least then I know what the heck our country is getting into. ;)

  4. The fear of Trump with nukes is more troubling to me after reading this :
    as scary as that is what really scare me about him is the thought that we will be heading into a police state.building a giant wall around our country not only keeps people out but keeps them in. scary stuff.

    1. Starts looking like "The Hunger Games" doesn't it?