Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pop Culture League - Cast Your Ballot or "Oh! Thats BERRY DELICIOUS!!"

This week's Pop Culture League Challenge from the
Cool and Collected Blog

My Next Post will be THURSDAY!!! It will be a GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW!!!

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Music used with permission from Youtube Audio Library. Attribution was not required, but title is "A New Leaf" 

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  1. They would be great as our people in charge but are they not to young? lol

    1. Are they ever given an age? I think not, so I am sticking by them 100% They are the best candidates for this job! They could ACTUALLY "Make America Great Again" through Berries and Colors!

  2. Does trump count as colorful? he is orange

    1. I forgot he is orange. I should have been concerned about him trying to pass himself off as LA LA Orange and infiltrating he white house.