Tuesday, October 11, 2016



This is one of my favorite songs, which just happens to also include this weeks theme in it:

My next post will be on Thursday and is a VIDEO finishing 
"The New To Booktube" Tag!!!

Music in my video used with permission from freemusicarchive.org. All rights to the original music are Chris Zabriskie's and the song title is "Readers! Do You Read?"

All rights to the music in the second video (Cranberries- Zombie) belong to their respective owners and are presented here for entertainment value.

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You can also check out these great blogs:

Collectors' Universe- collectorsuniverse.blogspot.com 
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These people did this challenge as well (as did both of the above!!!): 

The Toy Box- Discussed 3 Zombie related items, my fave being the WWE, since I recently saw these weird toys on shelves and wondered WHY? WHY DO WE NEED THIS IN OUR LIVES? IS THERE A REASON? Seems like Toy Box agreed

Mr. Smiths Plastic Bubble- discussed some various movies/television shows that include the theme of zombies that I have been meaning to get around to watching, like iZombie. I also loved that he included the line that we would live and adapt and probably put it on youtube! Great sense of humor! Read it here.

AFB- discussed MONSTER HIGH Dolls. It appears they had been MIA for awhile, so they lumped three weeks worth into one weeks and this is what we got!! It was genius to simply include an alien and a zombie on their list to help with it. I loved that it was dolls since as a female I always seem to find blog postings for toys with BOY TOYS. So great to see one post about dolls!! THANK YOU AFB!!! Read their post here.

Thank you for coming to the library... I hope you check me out again soon!


  1. Ha ,welcome to the league! I started to post I walked with a zombie and dawn of the dead by Wednesday 13 but I know most people dont like my style of music so I played it safe with more toys lol. Glad to have you on board :)

  2. Welcome to the League and it is funny that one of your fav zombie movies is the one that started my fear!

  3. Welcome, and a very nice post. I liked the personal touch of the video

  4. Welcome. Cool video. I need to see the original Dawn of the Dead as well.

    Wow - listening to the Cranberries' Zombies song just gave me a flashback to the early 90s. Fort Benning, Georgia to be specific.