Saturday, October 8, 2016

Question 11 to New To Booktube Tag or Working on Finishing A Tag

The next post will be on Tueseday and will be a BOOK HAUL video!!!

The original creator of the "New To Booktube" tag (which is where these questions came from) is "Between Chapters" who can be found at this link:

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Thank you for coming to the library... I hope you check me out again soon!


  1. I like both hardback and paperback .Ill buy the same book in both styles when I have the chance.I buy way to many books lol its not just books to read , its also book with cool covers and children's books. I recently started collecting little golden books and Serendipity books ( along with anything RL Stine ,horror , about ghosts or aliens or haunted places or monsters lol) yeah I have aa problem I guess :)

    1. You are in good company ;-) I buy too many books as well. I am currently buying a lot of Babysitters Club books though cause I have a project starting in January for that, but trust me way too many books. I get books for the same reasons you describe!!

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    3. Thanks to Cassie, I started collecting books myself, but I mainly just collect old children's books.