Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Recent Book Haul or Oh Lord! I buy too many books sometimes...

My next post will be on Thursday and is a VIDEO finishing 
"The New To Booktube" Tag!!!

Music used with permission from freemusicarchive.org. All rights to the original music are Chris Zabriskie's and the song title is "Readers! Do You Read?"

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Thank you for coming to the library... I hope you check me out again soon!


  1. To me you really are not missing anything with catcher in the rye. I feel it to be very overrated. I dont see what everybody else see in it, not to put down Salinger in any way though.I recommend Nine Stories for a Salinger fix ( A Perfect Day for Bananafish specifically). All in all thats a great book haul! I should start doing book haul posts lol

    1. Honestly I am reading "Catcher in the Rye" simply because of my dad. Feels like a way to help "close a chapter" ;-) I may have to pick up the book you recommended, since I love to read obviously. These videos are funner to do because you get to say why you got a particular book!! I would love to see one from you!