Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Comic Book Review: "Giant Days" - Volume 1 by John Allison or "College Was Never Like This For Me? Oh Wait It is Cause I am Old AS HELL!"

Giant Days
by John Allison

I discovered a little app through my library called HOOPLA that allows me to check out ten items in a month (see their banner below, which is not me advertising for them. I simply want you to know what I am talking about). Through this service I was able to get the first volume of a series called "Giant Days". I had seen it on a list of LGBT recommendations, so I was like OK now I will read it so I don't have to buy it. I read this graphic novel in the manner of a few hours because I was enthralled with it.

The main characters of "Giant Days" are Esther, Susan, and Daisy. Each serves, what I feel, is an archetype of the college experience. You have the girl experimenting with their sexuality and that predominately has been shy to that point, which is Daisy. The popular gothy girl in Esther. Then finally the saracastic, dry-witted unapproachable girl, which is Susan. Susan though also has a past involving another male character, You are left wondering what is going on between these two characters for most of this first volume. I have yet to read the second volume, but I am wondering what is going on myself right now.

The artwork is done well. I was pleasantly surprised because often when it comes to these publishers, like Boom, I find that I am not a fan of the stylistic choices that are made. Here though I feel that they kept a somewhat cartoony vibe that works for the direction and overall feel of the story. Now, about story. You need to understand that this is not your superhero comic book series. This is a tale of college and the adventures that happen with friends during those days. Simplistic things, like getting sick or school dances or social events, are what are gathered within the pages of this volume. If that is not your thing then look for a different graphic novel, but if you want to remember fondly your days of college or about to go and want to know what it is will be like this is a fairly honest representation of it. Their will be pain, suffering, and oh yea friendship. Giant Days is definitely a must-read graphic novel!

Who I Recommend This To: Graphic Novel Enthusiasts, Indie Readers, College Graduates, Incoming Freshmen to College, College Students, People Who Like Human Stories, and People that simply like good artwork.

Who I Would Not Recommend This To: People who do not like comics, those that have not attende college as some of it will be lost on you, and people that do not like cartoony style artwork in their comics. 

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  1. I hit up my local library maybe once every couple of months with my youngest.She's the bookworm In the family.I just go for the comics/TPB.I might check this app out sometime.BTW- love the look of your blog.

    1. It has a lot of current comic books, so it definitely would be worth the look. It was how I read the first two books in "The Wicked + The Divine" series as well, which is a fairly recent series. Thanks! It felt that once I knew where I wanted to go with the blog it suddenly fell in place how I wanted it to look, so I appreciate you noticing it!