Monday, November 7, 2016

Pop Culture League: Red State/Blue State or "I'm Blue baba didi di"

This week's challenge from COOL & COLLECTED's blog is to take a red or blue themed photo. I normally do videos, so this was a bit of a stretch for me! I decided to show off some of the blue items that I have in my collection! 
So obviously I already have a deep appreciation for the color blue if you watch my videos, I mean come on look at some of these stills from a couple of them. If I didn't like it I obviously wouldn't be wearing it! 

I even have ARTWORK in my house that is BLUE! If it was possible (and it was clean hehe) I would show you my living room because it is primarily done in blue hues. The curtains? BLUE The wall decorations? BLUE!! The only thing not blue is the TV and couch!

So first off in the collected items section, At one point I was obsessed with the doll line "Ever After High" and I have all of the original dolls in the series first wave! This challenge reminded me that Madeline Hatter, my favorite from the series, was a very blue character when she was first released! Maybe that is why I was drawn to her.  

The next item in this "BLUE" presentation is one of the characters from "Rose Petal Place", which is LILY FAIR!! While she is not my favorite (Orchid has that pleasure) she is still an awesome character and figure. I have a lot of love for her. I was so glad I bought her on Ebay finally.

In another part of my life I was obsessed with the online gaming community and website of NEOPETS! I have not kept most of the merchandise that I got during that period, but I did keep my favorite blue scorchio and refuse to part with him! 

You may remember from a recent haul video that I got the character "Blueberry Muffin" from the FUNKO! POP "Strawberry Shortcake" collection that was recently released. She is my favorite character in the franchise and I am so glad that I found this in stock at Walmart still!

Still at another part of my life, I was obsessed with "My Little Pony". When they switched from this look to the more modern look I stopped collecting the ponies, but I had to keep this one. I think she is beautiful. 

This is one of the newer lines that I collected. I am only currently missing one of the dolls in the line and I own 8 of the 12 first books in the series based on them. These are the "STAR DARLINGS" by Disney!!! Vega is not my favorite character in the series, but this is only because the series has a CASSIE, so I can't go against a character with my own name for goodness sake. 

To wrap up showing my collection pieces that are blue, I wanted to share the covers to some of my favorite books."The Baby-Sitters Club: Mystery" series alternated covers, but near the beginning of the series all of the covers were in this dark blue color. I am getting more of these in my collection currently to get ready for January, which is when I start "The Baby-Sitters Club" challenge I am doing for myself. This is again that I will read all of the books in the series in 2017 and review them! 

To finish up and show you how much I really do love the color BLUE I wanted to show you the shelf that I took these pictures on. This was a shelf that I got for free off of an ad on craigslist. Originally this shelf was a dull, lifeless, colorless beige. I went to Walmart and bought about $10 worth of spray paint and turned it into this fabulous piece that now houses many books that I own and will soon hold all my "Star Darling" dolls!!

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  1. I can say that when we were at Wal-Mart looking for the spray paint, Cassie was going to do pink but then was like nope blue. lol. Also her front room is pretty blue, when we lived together, she had started the decorating in blue. I still am jealous over that Scorchio (LOL) because I had a blue Scorchio in Neopets when we were playing it. Was it you that first got me addicted to that game?

    1. I believe it was either Mike or me that got you addicted to that game. Either way it was someone attached to me hehe

  2. Love it all! Rose petal place is one of those overlooked toy lines that I love ( Nastina Spider being one of my all time favorites!) I also have both the Madeline Hatter and the Vega Starling, I havent seen many other people collecting the star darlings. Great post , Im glad Im getting to see some of your collection!

    1. I don't have that many toy collections because I truly am a book fanatic. Rose Petal Place is one that I love so much. I am missing out of the dolls ORCHID (shockingly) and SUNNY SUNFLOWER. I will probably buy them on ebay in January! I will also need to get Nastina finally. I noticed that the books are doing well for STAR DARLINGS, but not so much of the dolls. I think that the doll line is pretty much dead unfortunately :(

    2. well if you dont mind them loose I have both but unfortunately no packaged version :/

  3. Very nice shots- and thank you very much for the compliment!