Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Spice Girls - New Music or OMG! I nearly broke the repeat button over this song!!!

(This post is a bit real, so I apologize for such candor in advance)

The first album that I can ever remember having in my life was purchased for me by my sister, Denise. It was one of the Spice Girls albums and I listened to that album on REPEAT. I have always loved my sister for getting me this album because it cemented me as a Spice fanatic for life. I have listened to both "Spice" and "Spice World" for most of my adult life. I was never a huge "Forever" fan, but yes I own a copy of it as well. 



It is obvious from the covers that by the time that "Forever" came out one of the girls had left the group, which was Geri Halliwell. She was also known as Ginger Spice. She was my absolute favorite of the girls. I now recognize that somewhat it was because I wish I could look and be like Geri. Geri maintained her status as my favorite for most of my life. While I was homeless in San Francisco, I can recall somehow obtaining enough money to purchase the album:

"Scream If You Wanna Go Faster"

I have purchased over time most of their solo projects. I realized as I was preparing to write this particular blog that the only one of the girls that I have never had a solo album from was Mel B, so I am going to have to remedy that before too much longer. I am not sure that I have any of the solo albums any more due to moving, so I want to get them again for my collection. I remember even having at one point Victoria's album, which I enjoy the song "Mind of Its Own" off of. I also really enjoy Mel C's "Northern Star" album and I have constantly listened to it over the years, especially "If That Were Me" since I actually was homeless at one point of my life. I have felt a connection with these girls for all of my life. 

Last Christmas, my partner, Brandon, purchased for me a collection of one each of the Spice Girl dolls, so that I would have at least one of each girl. I used to have them growing up, but as I have not had contact with my family they have been lost to me. I wish I still had those, but I enjoy knowing that I have these dolls. At some point I want to eventually get them all from the multiple lines that they had. These dolls mean something for me. I do not talk a lot about toys or show that I like toys, but these dolls feel like a part of me in ways that I simply cannot express fully. I think it is because the Spice Girls helped me through dark times. I was able to listen to music and just be silly. I can recall shaking my booty to "Stop" even while I was having to turn tricks to survive and worrying where my next meal would come from. I felt hope in their songs, even though some of them were not that deep. My favorite song will always be "Viva Forever" though because it is the one that has stuck with me this long as the one that has pushed me through every single moment of my life. When I feel a dark cloud coming over me I simply put that song on and I feel lifted up, even though it is a sad slow song. Music can transport us and their music always has.

I stated that one of my sisters purchased the first album for me, but I also got the greatest hits album due to a sister, Bekah in this case. The album was originally released only at Victoria's Secret, which was somewhere I was reluctant to go into. She got it for me and handed it to me. I was floored and I still appreciate it that she went in for me to get that CD. When you love something as much as I do the Spice Girls having all of the CDs is important. That is why I was so happy she got it. Also it contained a couple of new songs, so I had to have it. So if I never said thanks Bekah, know I appreciated it so much.

Now why am I posting about the Spice Girls right now? What triggered this desire to speak on my life for each of them? Three of them have gotten back together for a special little reunion. They are calling themselves "GEM" because it is Geri, Emma, and Mel B that have gotten together. The primary reason that the others have not joined is because they have other endeavors outside of the group. Mel C has a solo career, Victoria has a thriving fashion empire. I appreciate that they have these endeavors, so I am okay with the fact that they have not joined this reunion. I was happy to see the bits and pieces that these three were doing together and still am. On the 23rd of November though I got super excited. The reason? THIS:


A new song leaked by the three girls! Can you say SUPER EXCITED? I am ecstatic that they are releasing music together. I understand that it is a branch off of the original group, but I am excited to hear familiar voices, especially in what has been a dark period for me with the issues of depression, anxiety, and all that around my transition and also the election. It was like happiness poured down from the heavens to say "Here is something you need right now. You need a little more spice in your life." I am so glad this got leaked and I am listening to it none stop. I will always support these girls in all of their endeavors, but when it comes to any of them singing together I am sold. This song is catchy and sticks with their "Girl Power" message. I am thankful that they continue to "Spice Up My Life". 

Thank you Geri, Emma, Mel B., Mel. C, and Victoria for releasing the music that you have. Thank you for being such an integral part of my world and life. You each, even as a fan that doesn't speak to any of you or engage with you on social media, have had such a profound positive influence on my life. I know I am here today because of the spice that you have released. Please keep releasing music, keeping creating fashion (Victoria), and doing everything you can in this world. You are all beautiful, powerful women! 

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