Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gurl! Finish it! Week of 7/13/2017

Every Thursday I share what I am reading and watching. This is just a nice little feature for myself partially to have a record of stuff I have started, finished, read, watched, and all that business. I will also include a little bit of why I am reading it or watching that particular thing. Also it will help keep ME on track because I stop reading or watching stuff way too much, so this will help me hold tight to sticking with one darn thing. Anyone reading this also can hold me accountable on what I have been reading and if never moves to "Last Finished" or "Recently Finished" you can be like GURL!!! FINISH IT. 

Last Finished: Lady Mechanika: La Dama De La Muerta (Graphic Novel), "You Can't Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have to Explain" by Phoebe Robinson, and Vidia and The Fairy Crown (Manga and Book). 

Literally all of these are getting a review on this blog (Lady Mechanika was reviewed yesterday). I am shocked because I am finally getting books read and ready for review on the site. I feel like I am building myself up and finding new ways to engage with the blog. I am really happy this week that I am getting the chance to actually get some blog postings up and out there. I am thankful for NetGalley for that right now. I also appreciate the local library that had a copy of the book edition of "Vidia and the Fairy Crown" as I wanted to review both the book and the manga at the same time. That will come next week as the manga will be my "Comic Book Wednesday" post.

Currently Reading: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Bearing an Hourglass by Piers Anthony and The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

I know I literally changed yesterday my currently reading book to "Vidia and the Fairy Crown", but that was a children's book that I finished literally in one night. I am going to be starting tonight, right after I finish this post actually, the Ta-Nehisi Coates book. I picked this book up because the local library recommended it as a book that is similar to "You Can't Touch My Hair." I am using these two books to get a bit of an idea on how I want to do the "diverse conversations" part of this blog. 

Once I finish this book I am returning to Piers Anthony. I put that book off to try to get through some of these library books and also figure out how I wanted to do the "conversation" portion of this site, but I have run out of excuses when I get this next book marked off my list. I am again, however, considering taking "The Witching Hour" off my list for now. I think I am focused on other reads to the point that this one has gotten pushed to the side for perhaps another time when I am more cemented in what I am doing with this blog. Also when I am more invested in a thousand page read. 

Currently Watching: "The Handmaid's Tale"

This last week has been a little shocking for me in regards to watching things. Normally I have been forcing myself to watch something, heck anything. This week though I forced myself to read more often. This being said I still did get a few things done though, which you will see in the next group. Focusing my time away from television though is how I have been able to get through more of the reading that I have wanted to do for this blog. I guess I am making trade-offs right now. I still, however, want to finish "The Handmaid's Tale" show on Hulu. I believe I will probably start doing the two episodes I have seen in one review and use it as a draft until I have all the episodes finish for review. I am going to have to pick up another show though soon. Any recommendations people?

Recently Finished: "Castlevania" (Season 1) on Netflix and "Steven Universe" (Season 3) on Hulu, and "The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone" on DVD.

I heard awhile back that Netflix was going to do a "Castlevania" cartoon series. I had waited for it and actually forgot that they were doing it. Suddenly across my Facebook feed came information regarding the series. Turns out that I found out that it was on Netflix the day it was released. My partner and I devoured the four episodes of the series in one night. I am not one to "binge watch" a show, but this was epically good. I couldn't stop watching until I knew exactly what was going to happen. I am only somewhat familiar with the game franchise, just enough to be like a BELMONT? Woo hoo. That is literally the only thing I am going to "spoil" about the series for you. It is well done and I highly recommend it since there are only 4 episodes at roughly 20+ minutes each. This isn't going to take a lifetime to watch. There are some gory moments, but overall it is a straight-up action animated program. My partner told me that it primarily seems to be taking its story from "Castlevania 3" if that means anything to you gamers out there. Regardless of the source material, anyone can enjoy the show. 

I am continuing to finish up my "Halloween" reviews for my friend, Alexis (Alexis' Treasures on my blog list). This is one of the four items I will be reviewing over there in October. I will say this though I am going to find and get the rest of The Flinstones specials (i.e. I Yabba Dabba Do or whatever it is called) since I rather enjoyed this one. My full thoughts will be made available when the posting has went live on her blog. Not fair to spoil the fun of "Halloween" in advance too much.

I also forced my partner to let us finally finish up the third season of "Steven Universe" even though it meant we would be out of Steven until whenever Hulu decides to put up the next season. Sometimes it feels like forever between us getting to see them and when they were aired. Probably just me complaining because I want them faster. I want to SEE THEM ALREADY! Can we get an exclusive day of deal with this show please Hulu? I am begging you. Okay, No? I Guess I will wait around until you can get them. I love this show though. It always is so encompassing of diversity related issues. I also found my two favorite characters of any show ever in Peridot and Lapis (the two pictured above). These characters are all flawed, but understand that they are flawed and learn to live with it and embrace it. The entire show had a beautiful message that makes my heart so happy. This is why I continue to watch it ever single time I see new episodes put up. It will forever be one of my favorite shows ever.


  1. I just finished Handmaids tale. It is shocking and a lot different from the book. Still it was entertaining. And like you say, Gurl! Finish it !!!

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

    1. It seemed like it had to be different, saw synopsis where she meets the Mexican President and was like that doesn't happen in the book. Makes me more interested in watching it. YEP, I need to just finish this one lol

  2. I haven't watched it but the people who mention The Handmaid's Tale either love it or detest it ;)

    1. I reviewed the book on here actually ( I loved it, but having read it I can definitely tell that there are reasons why some readers would hate it. The ending makes you go WTF? a bit.